Pso fit Mission

It is my lifelong goal to help all humans live a generally pain free and mobile lifestyle. I help people start to turn the clock back and age in reverse! By introducing and educating people on structural integration, I hope to impact the world one person at a time!!

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Certified Trainer

I am a NASM certified personal trainer, with countless other certifications such as NASM’s PES (performance enhancement specialist), FNS (fitness nutrition specialist), TRX certified, Primal Flow and KB Level 1 certified, UAP Level 1 certified just to name a few.

Diet & Nutrition

20 years of experience in the culinary industry. Extensive experience as a personal chef.

professionalism & Integrity

Being a man of integrity, I pride myself on professionalism and positivity!

“Coach and Teach, Don’t Yell and Preach”


24 Hour Service

We know that your needs don't stop when your session is over. Using our email service, you can get a message to your trainer when it is convenient for you.

Wellness Support

It is more than just movement. It is a way of life. Food, fitness, cellular nutrition and mentality insight is regularly shared with this community. "Teamwork makes the dream work." We are here for you.


When you choose Pso Fit, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier and happier world.


Movement, Mentality, & Protocols.

It does not matter if you workout at lifetime, you have your own gym, or you like to use nature as your gym, we all as a society need to move and move some more! It’s no secret that the smarter and more advanced we get technologically, the easier our daily life gets. The lazier we become. In short, we all sit too much, and we all do not move enough. To be honest, we all have been misled as to what is classified as being ‘healthy’.


Resilience, Stability, and Adaptability.

Areas of Specialty

  1. Structural Integration
  2. Myofascial Release
  3. Hypertrophy Training
  4. Rebarre/Karve Pilates
  5. Sports Performance& Enhancement – youth and collegiate level
  6. Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  7. Integrated Balance Training
  8. Integrated Reactive Training
  9. Neuromuscular Stretching
  10. Cardiorespiratory Training for Sports Performance
  11. Integrated Core Training
  12. Integrated Resistance Training
  13. Unfair Advantage level 1
  14. Primal Flow & Kettlebell Flow Level 1&2
  15. Level 8 ‘Fix Scoliosis” certified


Pso Fit harnesses the principles of structural integration, ensuring you not only build muscle but also enhance overall body functionality and mobility.

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flexibility is more than just stretching; it’s about harmonizing the body’s structure with fluid movement, ensuring a pain-free and adaptable physical experience.

medicine ball


Mobility is the cornerstone of active living, ensuring that every movement is executed with grace, efficiency, and a deep connection to one’s anatomical potential.

Client Testimonials

Anthony is a very special trainer. His has gone out of the way to learn not only how the human body moves but also how the human brain controls and senses the location, movement and action of body parts. This is called proprioception. I almost always go into his sessions with trepidation because he challenges me every time but I also ALWAYS end each session feeling fantastic and motivated. One of the things that he has done for me is taken my flat ass and turned it into something that I can admire in profile when I look at myself in a mirror. He is truly a renaissance man with a passion for many subjects including anatomy, science, cooking and defensive training.

Nikii J.

January 1st, 2023 – I am a 56-year-old woman 60 pounds overweight who has been stagnant working from home the past 2 years during Covid and going through menopause. “Physically” life stunk and for a lack of a better term my body was circling the drain. My body hurt from getting out of the recliner and walking to the bathroom. Bottom line I needed to get my body MOVING!!! I started training with Anthony 3x a week the first week of January 2023. I was off to a great start!! At the end of January, I had a serious knee injury. (This did not happen while training) Tore my MCL, meniscus on both sides and I no longer have an ACL. It was a setback but that didn’t stop me from rehabilitating/training 3x a week with Anthony. Fast forward to May of 2023. It’s been 4 months since my knee injury, and I am doing fantastic thanks to the training program that Anthony has me on. Anthony is amazing at getting your body synced so it works together. It is a different style of training, of getting back to the basics. Anthony is a very talented trainer and passionate about what he does. His positive attitude/drive and selflessness are qualities that are hard to find in a trainer. I am excited with what I have accomplished with Anthony’s direction in 5 months and looking forward to seeing where I will be a year from now. Dedication/commitment and the pursuit to be better are what’s in store for the future! Anthony a big ‘THANK YOU BROTHER” for getting this gal to be physically/mentally in better shape!

Dawn B.

Anthony is that unique trainer that cares about your body as a whole. He will not only get you and keep you in shape, he will work around and heal injuries and ensure you are doing exercise that will help you live a healthier and pain free life. He is by far the best and most attentive trainer around. 10 out of 10!!

Karen Stein

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